Does it feel like there is never enough time in the day?

I totally get you! You feel pressured and rushing through everything. You have a busy schedule with so many responsibilities and you can’t seem to get all you want to get done daily. This has resulted in so many abandoned projects that you would have loved to do. I have been there and I know how frustrating it could be.

The truth is, if you haven’t been using a proven system for mastering time, then it’s not your fault!

You are also not alone, there are thousands of individuals all over the world who are feeling stuck and unable to really make progress and achieve their goals because they are not effectively managing their time daily.

We all have the exact same amount of time each day regardless of race, age or status. You have the responsibility to know where your time goes because your life is a measure of how you use your time daily. Therefore mastering time helps you live a productive life.

That’s why I created this Time Mastery Program. It is a proven system that would help you become super productive with the use of your time daily without neglecting the very important areas of your life….even if you have a very busy schedule, I’ve got you.

This is not about getting busier or filling every hour of your day; I don’t want you to be too exhausted at the end of each day and not truly have a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Rather, it is about eliminating wasted time on unnecessary activities by knowing how to identify what’s truly important, giving your best time to accomplishing it, staying focused, removing distractions, and truly making the most of each day.

It is simple, easy to follow and success guaranteed; you can now say goodbye to complex systems that don’t work!

In the Time Mastery Program, I would teach you practical productivity maximizing measures that would help you maximize your time daily.

This is an online self-paced audio program with lifetime access which means you can access it at your convenience; any time and anywhere for as long as you desire!

The program is designed this way so that it’s not “another task” to do; as an audio program with bite-sized lessons that are easy to understand, simple, and practical, you can listen to it and complete it while doing your normal everyday tasks.

During the program, I would take you through my 4-step daily Productivity cycle for maximizing each day which you can tailor to what works best for YOU and apply immediately to start making each day count.

After going through the program content, you would know exactly what to do to master time and make every day count.

Get ready to boost your productivity and make the most of every day through this program.

You would master how to do the following:

  • Plan and schedule your day daily
  • Prioritize even when all the tasks look very important and urgent
  • Get the most out of your busy schedule
  • Practical strategies to beat procrastination
  • Follow through on planned tasks and things you’ve always wanted to do even when you lack the zeal and courage to do them
  • Eliminate wasted time on unnecessary activities
  • Make the most of each day and do what’s really important in the time you have daily

Also, when you sign up for the Time Mastery Workshop, you’ll also receive these free gifts for ZERO cost:

  1. Time Management strategy: How to make time to learn or study
  2. Quick Email Hack: The smart way to use emails

How it works:

  • Once you sign up, you get immediate access to the online school with the program content
  • You have lifetime access; you can access the content over and over at your convenience
  • There are four modules and each module contains audio lessons, workbooks as well as actions to implement at the end of each module
  • You also access the bonuses immediately
  • You would also get weekly reminders to keep making progress and complete the program. We would encourage you to take action!

This workshop has been specially designed for you, take the right action towards it by investing in yourself and signing up.

A sneak peak into the program table of contents:

About me

ogaga johnson smiling

Hi, my name is Ogaga Johnson, I help individuals make the most of each day using productivity and project management methods.

I have a passion for teaching and helping professionals with busy schedules achieve their goals. It was this passion that led me to start PMP coaching with Ogaga Johnson. I have helped hundreds of individuals master time and live productively daily. I can help you too.

I have also been invited to top universities such as the University of Waterloo, Canada to speak to faculty, staff, and students on how to manage their time daily so they can achieve their goals.

I’m a mum to an active toddler with a 9-5 and a side business. I also have many responsibilities and that’s why I understand how difficult it can be to be productive, master your time, and achieve your goals. I have created systems that have helped me to be productive with the time I have available to me daily to achieve my personal and professional goals without neglecting my family.

I want to share those systems with you so that you too can be super productive with your time, achieve your goals, and become the best you that God created. It gives me so much joy when I see individuals excelling in their career/business, family, and personal life.

So again, you can master your time, be more productive, and have some spare time daily to do the things you love with the people you love or just have extra time for yourself!

See what people are saying

“I joined Ogaga’s course because I just couldn’t seem to find the zeal and courage needed to achieve my goal. I thought I didn’t have the time to work on my goals but while taking the course, I was able to discover up to 4 hours which I could put towards my goal. Now, I have started the French class I’ve been procrastinating to start as a result of me not having the time, and those 4 hours are my best time of the day because I get to learn something new. You’re the best!”

Christy Ndubuisi, Information Manager

“I had a problem with doing the things I wanted to. I wanted to get more things done. I love the structure of your course. I loved that you helped me see how I could be better and made it look easy. Now, I’ve started a video series that has been in my mind to do for about 6-months, also launched a podcast, and have a methodology for ensuring all these remain in the long term. I never saw the need for a coach until now. Thank you Ogaga”.

Omoloro Meshack, Senior Associate

“I joined Ogaga’s productivity course because I wasn’t managing my time effectively. I loved everything about this course to be fair. I loved the consistency; I knew I would receive my superpower for the day before 10 am! I always looked forward to them cause they were very easy to follow, practical, and relevant. Now, I manage my time better and I’m more productive! I type out my agenda daily, use the superpowers, and reflect at the end of the day. Thank you!”

Efemame Ofori, Child &Youth Worker


I have subsidized this workshop because I want you to take advantage of it and invest in yourself so that you can live productively daily by mastering your time.

Regular price: $199

Introductory price: $99

Today, you pay the early-launch price: $49

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