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Learn how to become more productive with the time you have and reach your goals without neglecting the very important areas of your life despite your busy schedule.

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This checklist is a guide on how to study and prepare so you can pass the PMP exam

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Want more information about the PMP exam? Then check this out.
There are various posts up including posts on PMP eligibility requirements and how to calculate your Project Management experience

Self-directed e-learning courses

Time Mastery Workshop

Does it feel like there is never enough time in the day?

That’s why I created this Time Mastery Workshop. It is a proven system that would help you become super productive with the use of your time daily without neglecting the very important areas of your life….even if you have a very busy schedule, I’ve got you.

Introduction to Project Management

This course is a guide to building a successful Project Management career.
It has six modules with very insightful topics, assignments, resources, and quizzes to guide you in your Project Management career.

Instructed-Led courses

Webinar offerings

Get in touch if you would like us to facilitate any of these topics for your workforce
– Introduction to Project Management Principles (PM101)
– Project Management Workplace Tools & Techniques
– Developing & Maintaining a Healthy work-life balance
– Boosting Productivity at work
– How to start and build a successful Project Management career

Professional Development Programs

PMP Group Coaching

Want to pass the PMP exam? I can help you just the way I have helped other young professionals.
I coach young professionals to prepare, study, and pass the PMP exam. This program consists of 8 weeks of group coaching sessions with me.

PM Accelerator

Fast-track and build a successful PM career for Aspiring and Immigrant Project professionals who want to launch their careers and thrive in their new country.
This program is new and includes the five elements that make a great L&D program.
1) Continued self-paced skills training
2) PM Certification training & support
3) Peer-to-peer teaching & simulations
4) Work on a Live Project
5) Opportunities to engage with leaders and mentorship
6) Career Branding: CV and LinkedIn Optimization, Cover letter and Interview preparation

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We are popularly contacted by organizations for partnerships & collaborations to develop L&D programs for workforce development including:
– Developing and managing the L&D calendar
– Setting up & onboarding e-learning platforms
– Career pathway or leadership training 
– Mentorship programs

Consulting Call

We are your trusted L&D partner
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– General consulting on L&D solutions
– Project Management inquiries including career growth plans and certifications such as CAPM, PMP
– Productivity and Time Management

About Ogaga – Principal Consultant

Ogaga is a seasoned Project Management Professional (PMP) with expertise in Technology Leadership, Program development and delivery, KPI development and management, and strategic planning and execution.

She helps organizations to deliver value through the effective implementation of their projects and program and the delivery of their organizational, strategic, and corporate objectives.

She has managed portfolios and led the delivery of multi-million dollar innovative technology projects and programs across diverse sectors, for a diverse range of multinational and not-for-profit organizations across Africa, Europe, and North America.

She has a passion for helping individuals and organizations to achieve their learning and development (L&D) goals.

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