Project Management Tools Masterclass

Polish up your project management skills with in-demand Project Management tools such as: Jira, Microsoft Project and Azure.

Good project managers are always in demand. You can now train for the skills that can raise your job applications above competitors, give you an edge over other PMs, or increase your value in any industry if you are already a project manager.

Project management is here to stay as the world would need more project managers. Still, to prepare yourself for the future changes you must upskill to set yourself apart and give yourself a competitive advantage over other project managers. 

If you are looking to boost your career in project management then the “Project Management Tools Masterclass” is just what you need.

In order to ensure project managers adapt to the fast pace of technological changes, project management tools have been developed to assist project managers in enabling them to have project success. Having knowledge and hands-on experience with these PM tools gives you an edge over other PMs. That’s why we have created the Project Management Tools Masterclass.

The PM Tools masterclass will equip you with the 3 most in-demand project management tools (Jira, Azure, and Microsoft Project).

Features of the program

  • One-day virtual masterclass on June 4th
  • 3 hours with 30 mins break (class starts at 7 pm GMT)
  • Links to download tools provided for students
  • Guides, case studies, and assignments 
  • Hands-on guide by an expert
  • Certificate upon completion

Masterclass recording would be provided so you can rewatch and learn over and over again

Benefits of joining the program

  • Earn higher 
  • Remain relevant and sought after as a Project Professional
  • Have hands-on experience on how to use industry-recognized PM tools and software
  • Set yourself apart from other PM professionals in the job market
  • Upskill, improve, and position yourself as a Project Leader
  • Learn new tips and tricks in JIRA, Azure, and MS Project
  • Leverage PM opportunities that require knowledge and experience on how to use in-demand PM tools


Don’t pass up this opportunity to upgrade your project management skills, sign up for the “Project Management Tools Masterclass” for $199 now for $99.

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