PMP Exam FAQ – Know the basics

I get asked a lot of questions on the PMP exam because I am a PMP Coach and a Project Management expert. I have decided to share some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the PMP exam that I have been asked.

There are so many other professionals with these questions and would love to have one place to visit to get all the information. Your wish just came true with this post.

Here are my top six (6) PMP exam FAQs in no particular order

1) How much does the PMP exam cost

The exam costs $555 for non-members of PMI and $405 for PMI members
It costs $129 to become a member of PMI and a one-off $10 registration fee.

I usually recommend this to my students: Become a PMI member to access a free copy of the PMBOK as well as pay a lower cost for the exam. It is $10 cheaper when you add the cost of membership and exam fee for members compared to the cost of exam fee as a non PMI member.

2) What material can I use to prepare and what’s the cost?

There is a list of references by PMI that can be used to prepare for the exam. See the list on references here

In my coaching, I use the PMBOK 6th edition as the main material. This is because based on the current PMP exam content outline, most of the topics are covered in the PMBOK and are sufficient to pass the exam. Please note that this is the case for the current exam content.

The exam changes from January 2021 and a new exam content is out in preparation for this. From the topics outlined in the exam content, the PMBOK 6th edition might not be sufficient material to read to pass the PMP exam once the exam changes in January 2021. Check out the details of the PMP exam changes here.

You can get a free PDF copy of the PMBOK 6th edition if you are a PMI member

3) What is the PMP exam like?

The exam is application based. The questions are very scenario based and not theoretical.
The exam consists of 200 multi-choice questions which should be answered within a 4-hour time limit

4) What is the expected duration of preparation?

The duration of preparation depends on your availability. If your schedule is quite free or you can make out time to study, based on experience as a PMP Coach, 8 weeks could be adequate to prepare and study for the exam.

My students take between 8-15 weeks to study, prepare and pass the exam. Therefore, on average, 12 weeks is an ideal duration for preparation.

5) What is the best way to prepare and study so that I can pass the exam?

First, study the PMBOK 6th edition. It is very vital that you study it cover to cover as it contains key words that would help you in answering the exam questions. Also, most of the topics in the exam content outline are extensively discussed in the PMBOK 6th edition.

Reading other preparatory materials are not bad but read the PMBOK 6th edition as the main text and other materials as supplementary.

Second, get an accountability partner to ensure that you stick to your study plans. You can get an exam coach to help you with your studying. An exam coach keeps you accountable and guides you so that you prepare in a smart way and in the right direction.

Third, get my FREE PMP Exam Checklist. It contains the 6 powerful tips that I used to prepare, study and pass the PMP exam with above target in all domains at my first attempt.

6) What is the mode of writing the exams?

You can write the exam at an exam center or online in the comfort of your home.

You can schedule the PMP exam for any available date and time on the scheduling platform PMI provides. There is no fixed date or time when you have to take the exam.

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