PMP certification: How to maintain your certification

There is an influx of people getting their PMP certification before the exam content changes in January. Congratulations to everyone who just got PMP certified.

The PMP certificate is not valid for life; PMI requires you to get 60 professional development units (PDUs) over 3 years in order to renew your PMP certificate. What this means is that you can get certified and after 3 years not be certified which is not even an option. So how can you maintain your PMP certification for life?

Here are some tips on how I’m maintaining my PMP certification at no additional cost. I hope it helps you to maintain yours as well.

Tip 1 – Participate

I attend webinars, conferences, and events that my local PMI chapter or PMI global are doing (especially the events that have PDUs attached to them). PMI posts webinars and conferences on their learning platform. They also send out emails regularly on them so make a habit of opening them and attending those of interest.

Tip 2 – Watch on-demand

I watch on-demand webinars – this is what I do the most because I can do it at the comfort of my home and at any time I desire. This is one sure way of getting 60 PDUs.

All you have to do is watch 60 webinars and there are over 60 webinars available on-demand on the platform. Please check to ensure that you have the minimum PDU across the three (3) development areas on the talent triangle.

Explore the extensive library of on-demand webinars here!

Tip 3 – Volunteer

Volunteering with your local chapter or with PMI global could get you lots of PDUs. PMI posts volunteering opportunities on their volunteering platform (PMI VRMS). You can check for opportunities and apply to anyone that interests you.

Tip 4 – Contribute

I present webinars for PMI; I presented my first webinar on August 6th. The experience was exceptional, I would encourage you to do so too

This is also a way of sharing knowledge and growing the project economy. If you need tips on how to go about this, please feel free to contact me.

Watch the archived live session of my most recent PMI webinar presentation: How to Create Time to Study for Professional Certifications Despite a Busy Schedule

I hope this helps you to maintain your PMP certification.

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