PMP certification benefits

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If you are like me, you won’t want to just be doing every and any certification except the certification is actually beneficial and would lead to career progression.

So, if you have been thinking of doing the PMP exam but wondering what the benefits of having the PMP certification are, continue reading 🙂

My top four (4) benefits of the PMP certification are below:

Gives you credibility and adds value to you

The PMP certification is globally recognized and has a very high standard. By being PMP certified, you show that you have the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques needed to successfully deliver projects.

It shows that you can do what you say you can do – which is manage and deliver results/products/services.

Sets you apart from other Project Managers in the job market

If you tell me you are an excellent Project Manager, I would said that’s excellent but then, how do you prove it to me?

The PMP certificate has a high standard – only individuals who have up to 3 years of project management experience qualify to write the exam.

Also, the exam is challenging and very application based. This means that if you have the certification, you definitely are excellent in project management.

You need to maintain the certification by having up to 60 professional development units (PDUs) every 3 years. This shows the employer that you are committed to continuously improving yourself in the field.

PMP is an asset when looking for a job or changing jobs.

Gives you higher earning power of up to 22%

A recent survey by PMI showed that professionals with the PMP certification have a higher earning potential than professionals without the PMP certification.

The survey showed that professionals with a PMP certification earn up to 22% more than professionals without a PMP certification. This survey was conducted across 42 countries so it is fair to say that it can be trusted.

This means that with a PMP certification, you can earn up to 22% more than what you currently earn. I know this because with a PMP certification my earnings increased by over 10%. P.s I didn’t even negotiate to get the increase. Employers just know and put value on it.

It leads to career advancement

The resources studied in preparation to take the PMP exam provide vital knowledge on project management.

For example, one of the resources used in preparing for the PMP exam is the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide. This is popularly known as the PMBOK. It helps you learn vital project management skills.

The ten (10) key areas vital for every project professional to be equipped it The PMBOK provides knowledge on.

You also learn skills, tools and techniques you can apply to project activities that enable you to effectively deliver on projects at work thus enabling career advancement.

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I have the PMP certification and these are the top four (4) benefits I received by getting the PMP certification.

What is stopping you from being PMP certified? Let me know, click here to send me a message.

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