Become ready to land a Project Management job in 90 days.

If you have been struggling to get into Project Management and accelerate your Project Management Career, this program will help you start, become a certified Project Manager and land a Project Management job.

Getting a PM certification or passing the PMP exam without knowing how to apply what you’ve learned or perform the role of a Project Manager won’t get you into Project Management.

Hence why I created the PM Accelerator program; an all-in-one solution to help you know how to perform the role of a PM, get practical experience, learn how to use PM software, get certified, and be ready to land a Project Management job in 90 days.

If I tell you that you won’t have to worry about your career anymore, how would you feel?

When I started out as a Project Manager, it was a huge eye-opener! I got access to management and senior executives.

I was doing work that was important and had a direct impact on the organization’s strategy, growth, and revenue impact. It was meaningful work.

In less than 3 months, my salary was doubled because as a Project Manager, I delivered results that were undeniable. It was career-transforming!

I didn’t bother about how much I had in my bank account. I could give as much as I desired and travel with my family anywhere we desired!

Talk about thriving and living life to the full!

I didn’t have a Project Management background or degree…that didn’t matter. I didn’t have professional PM experience, but that didn’t matter either!

I had PM skills I leveraged from my volunteering experience and that was good enough to double my income and launch my career in Project Management.

After one year, I moved to a new country and within 90 days, I got a higher-paying PM job working for multinationals and delivering technology solutions.

It felt so good to make a huge impact in an FTSE 100 business with less than 3 years of PM experience.

After two years, I moved again to another country and within 90 days, I got a higher-paying PM job working for a consulting company.

I had moved countries twice; changed industries three times and one thing was common:

I doubled my income and moved two levels ahead in my career.

In as short as 3 years, I had built a global thriving career as a Project Leader managing multi-million-dollar initiatives.

My career was borderless with limitless opportunities

I couldn’t keep this to myself, I had to help others achieve the same result and move from survival jobs to thriving.

So what did I do?

I took this proven framework that has helped me land a job within 90 days, double my salary, and move levels higher in my career and started helping others do the same.

Now, I have helped 150+ individuals across 5 continents who are transitioning to Project Management to accelerate their Project Management Career and thrive.

Do you also want to make that leap in Project Management?

Do you want to launch a career in Project Management and be ready to land a PM job in 90 days?














What is inside the LIVE 90-Day Coaching?

The exact blueprint that will help you land a PM job.
This is the blueprint I and my clients have used and you can use it too to double your income and move three levels ahead in your careers


4-week training on:
– PM principles and core concepts
– PM tools including JIRA and MS Project
– Risk Management and PMO
– Stakeholder Engagement

Live Project

4 weeks of practical PM experience; working to successfully deliver a project.

Community Interactions with others on the same journey as you and PM leaders from around the world.


Get two Project Management certifications of your choice including:
– Scrum Master Certified
– Scrum Product Owner
– Six Sigma
– PMP Group Coaching Program

Career Rebrand

Done-for-you CV, optimized LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and interview preparation support. Job search support & Salary Negotiation.


The mindset and coaching required to land a job in 90 days or less. This should have been number one because, without the right mindset, you will never be able to make this leap. 


Get matched with a Project Leader as your mentor for career advice and support.
Hand-holding and support until you land a job.

The amazing thing is that this coaching does not just show you what to do but supports you to take action. Because in the end, it is the actions that birth results.

This could be you too…

Here is how we are helping hundreds of Project Managers get started and accelerate their Project Management careers to become Global Project Leaders

Who is this program for?

Anyone interested in transitioning from their existing career to Project Management without starting from the “bottom”

Anyone who has moved or is about to move to a new country and wants to launch a thriving Project Management career in their new country without any career setback

This program is not for you if: “You are not willing to learn or invest in yourself”

Meet PM Leader & Coach; Ogaga Johnson

Ogaga is a global project management professional, coach, consultant, and speaker.

She helps aspiring and established professionals launch and grow successful and thriving careers in Project Management.

The idea of project management never occurred to her while growing up because of the career uncertainty surrounding people who never studied professional courses such as doctors, engineers, and lawyers.

When she transitioned to project management from engineering, it was the perfect fit.

Now, she educates students and professionals about Project Management, helps them launch and grow a career in Project Management, and helps organizations deliver results by launching their ideas or strategy.

She has educated and helped 5000+ professionals across 5 continents gain clarity, launch, and advance their careers in Project Management globally.

How much does it cost to be part of this Program?

Before we talk about the price, let me explain what you get within 90 days of coaching. You get access to me for all 90 days, it is a coaching program.

Let me put this into perspective:

If you are to pay me to be your Coach and help you land a PM job, you will be spending US$10,000

If you pay for the PMP Coaching program or any of my certification programs, it cost US$497. You get two certifications, that’s already an additional $994

Not to mention the additional cost implication for access to PM leaders from around the world as mentors and work experience

When I was thinking about pricing this program, the price in my head was US$10,000. I was telling my team member that. 

And it is justifiable because you get access to me and other PM leaders from around the world for 90 days and I get to personally help provide the needed support and clarity. Most importantly, help you land a PM job.

US$10,000 for that is a takeaway

But after some consideration, I decided to slash the price. What do you think the new price is?

US$7,000? US$6,000? or US$8,000?

I know you may have guessed US$5,000,… But you are still wrong.

This program and everything in it will be available at just US$2,000 ONLY!

I know, it is a ridiculous offer… But it is that way so you do not have an excuse not to be a part of it.

Instead of US$10,000, you will be paying ONLY US$2,000!

That is not all..

You also get to determine a payment plan that works with us, you can split the payment into 4 plans.

What next?

Complete the form below to apply for the program and we will get back to you with a decision.

There are US$400 scholarships up for grabs for recent immigrants ready to start working in their new country of residence (please indicate this in your application if you qualify for the scholarship)

Applying is FREE, payment is made if your application is accepted.