Overcome Procrastination: How to do the activities you don’t enjoy

There are some activities you just have to do because they are important, even though they are not your favorite thing to do. It’s very easy to procrastinate doing these things.

I remember when I started building my reading habit; it was so not fun to do and I just didn’t want to. However, I knew it was important because it was an instruction from the HolySpirit to start reading. I knew I had to obey for my own good.

I would schedule reading for about 20-30 mins and when the time comes, I would want to procrastinate by watching a movie instead, or just relax! It was difficult to relax with a book!

Situations like this could be challenging and we have all had times like this when we don’t want to do one activity or the other but need to do it anyway because of its importance or significance for our personal or professional growth.

One way to overcome procrastination and discipline yourself to do the activities you don’t enjoy is to STAY THERE!

Yes, even if you don’t feel like doing the activity, don’t get up to do something else, just stay there.

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I remember one of the days when I was writing one of the lessons for the Time Mastery Course, I didn’t feel like it but I stayed there – staring at the keyboard and google doc that was open ready for me to type away!

I didn’t stand up and leave when I didn’t feel like it, I stayed there and waited.

Most times, you would find out that while you’re waiting; you find the courage to start and make progress no matter how small. This is exactly what happened to me.

There would be temptations to get distracted e.g. reach for your phone, pick up another task or browse the internet. Don’t do it! Especially picking up another task.

You may be wondering; What is wrong with picking up another task to do? Won’t I be wasting time if I just stayed there doing nothing?

This is a way of spending time doing something that may not be important, however, because you get it “done” It feels like a win. It really isn’t a “win” because you completed it at the expense of the activity that was really important for that day. Avoid doing this.

Remove all forms of distractions and stay focused on the task at hand for the duration scheduled.

Remember, stay there!

To do: whenever you don’t feel like doing the scheduled important activity, stay there!

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Christy Ndubuisi, Information Manager

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