Is Project Management a career for the future?

One of the best benefits of globalization is that you can google your way out of future troubles. Although you have to understand how to uncover layers of unverified information through research or you’d have to get ready to either live with or deal with the outcome of banking on false information. Whatever the case may be, I’m very certain that the internet has saved many professionals (project professionals inclusive) from becoming extinct. This blog post as well would be very helpful, continue reading.

Interestingly, money and future relevance are key determinants for millions of people when determining what profession to practice. Professions like data analytics, engineering, data science, copywriting, project management, filmmaking, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, etc are some of the professions that tick the money and future relevance boxes. For this post, we would focus and elaborate more on the Project Management Career Path and you might want to ask…

Why is Project Management a career for the Future?

Now let’s get back to the money and relevance determinants we talked about earlier. Project managers who have positioned themselves globally by acquiring the PMP certification not only earn six figures. You also have other work benefits that others are not privy to. Also, because of how important the work you do is, you are able to work in any field of human endeavor. Let’s be very factual, is there any organization that does not work on one project or another? I thought so too.

Let me throw in another secret why project management is a career for the future. Project managers are involved in the nitty-gritty of running the organization including delivering on organization objectives. As a Project Manager, you are able to tell whether an organization is going to be able to fulfill its objective or not. Simply put, you know when to take to your heels (switch to another organization) or stay put by virtue of the information you are privileged to have.

Wouldn’t you want to have access to that kind of information? I know you would and that is why our next paragraph would interest you.

What do Project Managers Do?

When you see job advertisements and review the job roles and functions of project managers, sometimes they seem very organization-specific. However, the truth is that all project management roles have the same core functions. Which include initiating the project, planning, managing and directing project activities, monitoring, controlling, and closing the project. Others include problem-solving, influencing, organizing, analyzing, leading meetings, risk, and issue management, communication management, stakeholder management, and managing resources.

Project managers ensure that projects are executed to achieve the project objectives (scope) using the best methods, resources and executed within the approved budget and schedule (time-frame). Your responsibility also includes monitoring and controlling any disparity or variance that might occur during the project. Project managers are problem solvers, they find ways to correct or prevent any issues or risks that might spring up during the project execution (they always spring up). 

Also, you handle stakeholder engagements and report your findings to stakeholders. It’s important to state here that you might be required to work on many projects concurrently depending on the organization’s needs. 

I hope you’re not overwhelmed because there are courses and certifications that can help you excel greatly in this field with little to zero experience. So, if the above paragraph sounds like something you’ll enjoy, here is how to launch your Project Management career.

How to launch your Career

Have you ever planned a birthday party? 

Ever re-worked a budget?

Organised people for an event?

Writing out a plan on how to spend the holidays with family and friends?

Ever written out a meal-plan?

Without a doubt, you must have done one of the above-listed functions in the past. Although I know you were not thinking about project management when undertaking that task, the truth is you have some of the skills you need to kick start your project management career.

All that is needed is to get your hands occupied by taking these skills to a formal environment and get started. You should search for associate or entry-level positions. Also, it’ll be great for you to take some project management online courses. This would introduce you to more of the skills that you’ll require on the job especially the technical Project Management skills. 

Once you’re able to juggle both it’ll be way easier to progress to other strategic project management levels. If juggling both school and work is not something you’ll like to explore. I can guarantee you that there are project management transition courses that understand your plight and have tailored their project management transition courses to suit your schedule.

There are other benefits that’ll automatically accrue to your account once you begin your project management journey. They include:

You have the opportunity to switch jobs, change industries, and increase your earnings. This is because the demand for the project management profession is growing faster than in other occupations. According to PMI, organizations are more likely to face the risk of talent shortages in this field. They will need to fill almost 2.2 million project-oriented jobs each year through 2027. Now is the right time to launch your career in Project Management and secure these jobs.

You also get the rare advantage to work in tech without having to code. You’ll still earn fat paychecks, paid days off, and other juicy tech benefits. 

Another amazing benefit is that you get to understand better the science behind your people team and organizational culture. As you daily interact with stakeholders, you can positively influence their views and make people become better versions of themselves.

Project management sure comes with a lot of responsibilities but it is a rewarding career path for future sensitive individuals. 

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