How to Position yourself for Global Project Management Opportunities

Securing global project management opportunities is a must-have for future sensitive professionals in the game. This is because the perks that come with these opportunities cannot be over-emphasized. Also, this is the year we ought to get rewards for each of our efforts, and yes! You must learn how to strategically position your craft to grab this opportunity when it comes knocking. Better still, create room for your own elevation and if you are wondering how to do this, continue reading.

1) Confidence

When was the last time you checked your confidence level? I hope it was at a 100 or else you ought to find ways and methods to keep it at that. No one is going to promote or hire you if they don’t think your confidence can defend your intellect. This simply means that confidence goes a long way in determining your career growth. It’s important to build your confidence daily and let it be evident in your work duties. 

One huge mistake that less confident people make, is that they think confident people are the smartest in the room. Interestingly, this is not always the case. As confident people are simply humans with the possibility mindset and they let this radiate on their outlook.

Additionally, the era where people who were deficient in the “confidence department” were given front roll seats has long gone! I’m sure you can think of that colleague who was not the best candidate for that promotion or role. Somehow, he or she landed it because they had both the brains and required confidence for the position. 

Simply put, for every global opportunity you desire, there’s a required confidence level the recruiter is on the lookout for. Do you have the required confidence level for that global position you are vying for? Above all, you ought to embellish your technical and business skills by increasing your confidence level. The good thing about this subject matter is that confidence can be built.

Wondering how to boost your confidence level?

First, you have to believe in your abilities. Interestingly, the word ‘confidence’ comes from the Latin word ‘confidere’ which means to trust completely. So, learn to trust yourself, your intuition, qualifications, and certifications! It’ll sure come in handy and allow you to creatively find solutions to other work challenges.

Second, don’t rest on your oars. You cannot be thinking of securing the global bag with a local mindset. Get information about that global certification. This certification ought to help you get the attention of your dream organization. Also, going through the process of getting global certifications like the PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) exam would increase your knowledge. This also helps to boost confidence as you are able to contribute intelligently to project management-related issues.

Finally, be your own cheerleader! Tell yourself you can do it. Give yourself that Pep Talk you need to start your day on a positive note. Say beautiful and positive things to yourself. Give yourself permission to excel without borders. This doesn’t mean you won’t have days where you flop but don’t get stuck there. Get up and be intentional about building your confidence.  Don’t forget to also look nice and keep an eye on your health!  You’ll get there sooner than you think!

2) Highlight your Project Management Portfolio

Honestly, we are in the professional era where you have to blow your own trumpets. This is why being confident is a must-have for everyone. Don’t get that certification and not update all your social and work profiles. In fact, you can be a little extra and run three consecutive posts on all platforms. This is to remind your employers and recruiters that you are ready for your next career goal. 

Also, showcase your other work achievements, any project management-related task you accomplish should be out there for everyone to see. No one is going to reward you for secretly accomplishing tasks. So, be smart enough to be loud about your achievements even if you were not paid for them. Include all your extracurricular activities that have a semblance of project management in your portfolio.

Are you a leader in your community? Place of worship or a social group. Please do not let all your efforts go unpublished. Find a way to skillfully include your tasks and accomplishments in your portfolio. Let your light shine so brightly. 

Celebrate your project management wins and use the best possible formal platforms that can help you with publicizing your successes. It’s important to note that no achievement is too small or irrelevant. Provided you utilized one or two project management skills while executing the activity. It’s very essential to put yourself out there. 

Don’t be a lamp that shines beneath the table when you can brighten a whole room!

3) Branding

Never forget that you’re a brand and you must constantly value your net worth. You must position yourself as a worthy member of the project management industry. 

Don’t just be an onlooker. Get the required skills you need to upgrade your brand. You ought to engage with project management professionals globally and leverage their skills. When you find areas that you are lagging behind. Quickly, get on your drawing board and map out strategies to get updated. 

It is also important to be careful about what you post in the public domain. As the internet never forgets! Also, it’s great to always bear in mind that you are only one comment or post away from devaluing your brand. Hence, it’s best to learn brand ethics and cultivate the habit of behaving right at all times.

One good way to start is emulating good principles and practices. You can adapt some of these principles as your core values. Also, ensure you put in the work by aligning with other global brands. It’s also advisable that you do not leave anything to chance. Don’t be lazy about branding your style. A brand based on mediocrity wouldn’t last the test of time. 

4) Join Project Management Communities

This is very vital as these communities are available in every country. So, there’s no excuse not to belong to at least one of them. Ensure you’re not a passive member. As there are tons of benefits that accrue to active members of the community. You can join our community of global Project Management Professionals by getting any of our FREE resources.

You also get to learn tips on how to keep your PMP certification relevant. Also, you ought to give back to society too by sharing knowledge and rubbing minds with fellow professionals in the field. This is done through attending project management-related events such as webinars and seminars. You should note that all activities undertaken in this group should be added to boost your Portfolio.

Without a doubt, you get the opportunity to understand current challenges in the industry. Brainstorming and offering solutions to these issues are some of the items on the agenda when you meet. Furthermore, project management professionals from various industries are also present at these functions. They can help you shed light on any grey areas you might have and this leads us to our final point.

5) Networking

This is a secret tool that has been helping people level up for many generations. The good news for our own generation is that the internet has helped us bridge the gap that erstwhile existed in the past. You can connect with senior project management professionals and ask them to share their stories with you. The question to be asked here is why are you not leveraging the benefits of social media to achieve your goals?

  • Are you scared that you might be ignored?
  • Or do you think you don’t have enough experience to reach out to that project management professional you dream of becoming someday?

It’s best to put all your excuses in a box and toss them in the trash can. This is because it’s not valid, Rome was not built in a day. Every project management professional was once an amateur or an intern. The fact that you are on your way to becoming a global brand might even motivate your idol to mentor you.

What’s the worst that’ll happen if you reach out to your favorite project management professional and they ignore you? 

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Mind you, there is a gazillion of successful project management professionals across the globe. Reach out to as many as you can and get your career to the level your soul earnestly desires. Ensure you attend project management functions, build relationships with project management colleagues who are future sensitive to their personal growth too.

Conclusively, networking is super essential as it’s a great way to get vital information on openings and other global happenings in the field. Be sure to be in touch with the right circle at all times.

Also, pay attention to those who are interested in coming into this field. Host seminars, share project management-related tips on your social media pages. Help them by sharing valuable project management information with them.

Continue being intentional about your career growth and you’ll be stunned at the global opportunities that will present themselves.

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