Group Coaching


  1. How far with your PMP exam goals? Have you been thinking of taking the PMP exam with no significant progress?
  2. Do you need help with managing your time?
  3. Are you reading but not understanding the concepts?
  4. Do you need help to prepare and study?
  5. Do you need a study buddy or someone to ginger you?

If you said YES to any of the above, then this 12 weeks PMP exam group coaching program is for you as it provides the push, support, and expert guidance you need to prepare and study for the exam so you can pass your PMP exam at the first attempt. And Yes! You will pass! Get your mind set on this


In my coaching, I combine my expertise in teaching, time management, and Project Management. So, you don’t just get a coach who knows the PMP exam content, you get a PMP coach + Time Management Coach all at once. Also, I only work with a limited number of clients per time, so that I can commit to teaching and helping you understand the content needed to pass the exam.

I know how difficult it can be to prepare for the exam alone because I have been there while preparing for mine; that is why I am here to help you. My approach has been proven by various professionals across multiple time zones with various work demands on their time. These professionals PASSED! It works! And here’s how we’ll do it:

  • We catch up every week to review the content studied the previous week so that you retain what you studied
  • I give expert guidance on key words you should remember and areas of concentration
  • I answer questions on the knowledge areas you have issues with so you have clarity on the content
  • I give weekly tasks and provide a summary of the exam content so that when studying, you’ll comprehend faster
  • We go through practice questions so that I can check your understanding, application of knowledge and readiness for the PMP Exam
Ogaga Coaching

I will be on the journey with you giving you expert guidance on areas to concentrate on, how to manage your limited time as well as dedicated support and access to me.

See some feedback from my students on benefits below:

  • Improves understanding while reading
  • Gives structure to reading so you can read and put emphasis on what is important
  • Holistic approach to what PMP Exam entails
  • Knowledge on the logic behind PMI questions and how to effectively answer the PMP exam tests
  • Provides technique to remember concepts easily


  1. Effectively prepare, study and PASS the PMP exam
  2. Simplified PMP terms to enhance understanding of the PMP exam content
  3. Access to key points and areas of concentration for the 49 Processes
  4. Weekly group live calls
  5. Weekly actionable study targets to help structure your reading
  6. Access to an exclusive PMP preparatory community
  7. Confidence that you are on the right path to pass the exam
  8. Encouragement and push needed to ensure study targets are met
  9. Time management strategies to help you manage your busy schedule
  10. Access to me to guide and support you through the PMP preparatory journey until you PASS the exam
  11. I support you through the process of applying for the exam


I have included some free resources as an additional bonus for you. See your bonus below:

  • Summary notes e-book (containing my personal Summary notes on the PMBOK 6th Edition 49 processes and code of ethics)
  • Practice questions workbook (access to over 500 free practice questions and guide on how to answer them to build mental capacity for the exam as well as pick the correct answers)
  • FREE Formula guide to help with your brain dump

You get amazing bonus worth 550 CAD and get to Pass the PMP exam! Isn’t that absolutely amazing! You shouldn’t miss out on it.


I have subsidized this program so you can benefit from it and will be offering the program at a subsidized price. For less than 42 CAD per week! There is also an installment payment option

  • A one-time payment of 499 CAD for the entire program
  • For installment payment: You pay 100 CAD for the first month and 200 CAD each for the remaining 2 months (a total of 500 CAD)

Now this is a great offer and you shouldn’t miss out on it.

What next?

Join the waitlist for next year using the registration form below (the program is currently closed for this year)

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