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It’s a no-brainer that project management is one of the most sought-after professions globally and getting certified (e.g. CAPM/PMP) is one of the ways to position yourself as a Project professional.

Also, project management gives you the opportunity to work in any industry including TECH and you get the chance to evolve, earn well, and impact your world while at it. 

The great news is that most of the fundamental skills a project manager needs to possess are innate in everyone.

Hence, the reason why project management has become the go-to career path for most individuals. 

One of the most important global certifications you need as a newbie in this field is CAPM. 

What is CAPM?

It simply means 

C– Certified

A– Associate 

P– in Project 

M– Management

Just as the name implies, it’s an entry-level certification created by the Project Management Institute PMI and it launches you into the global project management community.

With this certification, you’re sure to land competitive entry-level jobs that will help set the pace for your career advancement.

Other Benefits of having the CAPM Include:

  • You get to earn more than project management professionals who have not taken the extra effort to be certified.
  • It aids your understanding of concepts, principles, ethics, and the general code of conduct of the profession. 
  • Possessing this certification also reveals to your potential employers that you’re indeed serious about your career path and they’ll entrust greater tasks in your care. Be sure to deliver!
  • You get the opportunity to belong and volunteer in project management communities and events which have their own positives such as networking. 
  • It also broadens your knowledge of project management-related issues and scenarios. This equips you with the prerequisite skill to lead any project. Furthermore, the study text and syllabus were designed by PMI. This means that what you’ll be exposed to during the course of your study is nothing short of the standard.
  • Additionally, your certification gives you the confidence to handle projects professionally. This ought to help increase the pace at which you climb the professional ladder. 


  • PMI requires that you have an educational background. A secondary school education or high school diploma would suffice.
  • And 23 contact hours of formal project management education.

(Worry not about the 23 contact hours of formal project management education. Enrolling in our Transition to Project Management Program (complete package) or our CAPM exam preparation program provides you with the contact hours required for the exam.)

Examination cost

There are two major costs implicit in this section. They are:

  • Training cost (if you decide to take training to prepare for the exam) and
  • Exam cost

The training cost is dependent on your choice of the training provider while the exam cost is determined by PMI and is readily available on their website. 

The costs of the exam fee for members of the institute differ from that of non-members. 

CAPM exam Fees for non-PMI members: $300

CAPM exam Fees for PMI members: $225

It’s free to apply for the exam, so once you have the required contact hours, go ahead and apply. Your application is valid for one year once approved.

You can go ahead to pay for the exam and write the exam within the one-year period. You take the exam online or at a test center.

There are so many practice questions available to help you prepare for the exam. Get access to over 3,000 FREE CAPM practice questions here.

Also, be informed that there are changes to the CAPM exam coming in October 2022. I have explained these changes to enable you effectively prepare for the exam if you plan on writing it after the exam has changed. Find the full details here.

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