Group Coaching - Payment

Personal Coaching with Ogaga Johnson

You can pay a lump sum or in 3 installments.

  • For lump sum payments, you pay US$397 for the entire program. 
  • For installment payments, you spread the payment across 3 months; US$100 to reserve your spot and US$175 each for the next 2 subsequent months. Your card would be charged automatically for the remaining two subsequent installment payments on the 30th of each month. This means that you make only US$100 payment today to join the coaching program.

For installment payment, please note that payment of the remaining US$350 for the program as stated above is mandatory. You have to complete the payment of the remaining US$350 once you join the program.

For Lump sum payment - Click on button below to pay

For installment payment - Click on button below to pay

Ogaga helped me crack the entire PMP exam; giving me reading targets, weekly revision and asking questions on spot to know if I was getting the concept did the trick. I am now PMP certified. You need a coach to get past PMP and their technical questions, then by all means get in touch with Ogaga. You won’t regret the investment
Igechi Worlu
Project Manager, Primus NG