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Free PMP Practice Questions

Try these FREE PMP practice questions. Ten (10) questions to test your knowledge on the PMP exam content while preparing for the exam.

These are questions composed by PMP certified Project professional; Ogaga Johnson.

PMP Practice Questions

  • You got appointed as a project manager on an existing project. You realize that the team members leave at any time and are not team players. You want to know if there are any existing operating guidelines for the team. In what document would you find this information?
    1. Communications management plan
    2. Project team assignments
    3. Team Charter
    4. Resource management plan
  • A team member informs you about the conflict they are having with one of the software developers on the project. You tell the team member to inform you if such conflict reoccurs. What conflict resolution technique have you used?
    1. Smooth
    2. Collaborate
    3. Reconcile
    4. Withdraw
  • You just finished the process of documenting the high level project description, requirements, deliverables and budget. What do you do next?
    1. Develop Project Management Plan
    2. Identify Stakeholders
    3. Direct & Manage Project work
    4. Plan Scope Management
  • You are managing a project that involves building an airport in close proximity to a residential estate. The residents of the estate have requested to be kept informed on the project. You compile a list of residents and realize that there are over 200 residents in the estate. What communication method would be most suitable to use to keep the residents informed?
    1. Emails
    2. Face to face meetings
    3. Conference calls
    4. Web portal
  • You just calculated variance analysis on your project. One of the results from your analysis is that the CPI on your project is 0.8. What does this tell you about the performance of your project? 
    1. Project is behind schedule
    2. Project is ahead of schedule
    3. Project is over budget
    4. Project is under budget
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  • Your project is way behind schedule and the customer has informed you that they can’t have a delay in schedule because they have a planned launch for the product. The customer informs you that they can add more funds to the project if that will ensure the project is completed on time. What corrective action would you take to ensure the project is completed on time?
    1. Schedule fast-tracking
    2. Resource leveling
    3. Schedule crashing
    4. Resource smoothing
  • You have categorized some stakeholders on your project as individuals with high power and low interest. What is the best way to engage these stakeholders?
    1. Manage them closely
    2. Monitor them
    3. Keep them informed
    4. Keep them satisfied
  • You are in the process of closing your project. in the close out review meeting, one of the stakeholders refuse to sign off on the project because a feature wasn’t included. You inform the stakeholder that the feature wasn’t included because it wasn’t in the project scope but the stakeholder still insists that the feature was part of the scope. What document would you show the stakeholder to validate your claim?
    1. Project Scope statement
    2. Requirements management plan
    3. Requirements documentation
    4. Scope management plan
  • While identifying risks on your project, you decide to use a predetermined list of risk categories to help identify risks on your project. Which of the following is an example of the list used?
    1. TECUP
    2. VUCA
    3. ROCU
    4. PESLE
  • You are managing a building project and decide to award XYZ company the contract to do the interior decoration for the building because you have worked with them before and they delivered successfully. This is an example of?
    1. Sole Source
    2. Oligopoly
    3. Single Source
    4. Monopoly

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