Flexible Coaching


  • Is passing the PMP Exam one of your 2020 goals?
  • Do you need help with managing your time so you can prepare and study?
  • Are you reading but not understanding the concepts?
  • Do you need a study buddy or simply someone to ginger you?

If you said YES to any of the above, then this coaching program is for you as it provides the push, support, and expert guidance you need to prepare and study for the exam so you can pass your PMP exam at this attempt. And Yes! You will pass! Set your mind on this!

Program details:

The program consists of everything you need to PASS the PMP exam. It contains digital courses that simplify the complex PMP exam content, personalized weekly study targets so you can study and prepare to PASS the PMP exam at your pace and bi-weekly group coaching calls.This program ensures you understand the contents essential to pass the PMP exam and we go at your pace.

In my coaching, I combine my expertise in teaching, time management, and Project Management. So, you don’t just get a coach who knows the PMP exam content, you get a PMP coach + Time Management Coach all at once. Also, I only work with a limited number of clients per time, so that I can commit to teaching and helping you understand the content needed to pass the exam.

Ogaga Coaching

I know how difficult it can be to prepare for the exam alone because I have been there while preparing for mine; that is why I am here to help you. My approach has been proven by various professionals across multiple time zones with various work demands on their time.

These professionals PASSED! It works!

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Once payment is received, you receive a welcome email and enrollment details to join the online school
  • You get access to the time management module to help you master your time and ensure you achieve your reading weekly targets despite your busy schedule. You also get a personalized study plan and weekly study targets
  • Access to digitized lessons which are a combination of video, audio and PDF materials which gives expert guidance on key words you should remember and areas of concentration
  • We have bi-weekly group sessions on PMP exam content topics to review the content studied so you can retain it and a Q&A session to answer any questions you may have. I answer questions on the knowledge areas you have issues with so you have clarity on the content

I will be on the journey with you giving you expert guidance on areas to concentrate on, as well as dedicated support and access to me until you PASS the PMP exam.

See some feedback from my students below:


  • Weekly follow ups
  • Flexible coaching
  • Bi-weekly group live coaching calls
  • Digitized lessons to enhance your studying experience
  • Weekly customized study targets
  • Answers to questions on the exam content
  • Expert guidance on areas to concentrate on
  • Encouragement and push needed to ensure study targets are met
  • Dedicated support to ensure adequate preparation for the exam
  • E-book containing my personal summary notes on the 49 processes in the PMBOK 6th edition


  • Effectively prepare, study and PASS the PMP exam
  • Simplified PMP terms to enhance understanding of the PMP exam content
  • Access to key points and areas of concentration for the 49 Processes
  • Bi-weekly live calls with Q&A
  • Time management strategies to help you manage your busy schedule
  • PMP practice questions for each of the 10 knowledge areas
  • Access to an exclusive PMP preparatory community
  • Access to me to guide and support you through the PMP preparatory journey until you PASS the exam
  • Access to a coach who knows the PMP exam content and a Time Management Coach to help you manage your busy schedule


  • Free Practice Questions workbook (access to over 500 free practice questions and guide on how to answer them to build mental capacity for the exam as well as pick the correct answers)


I have subsidized this program so you can benefit from it and will be offering the program at a subsidized price. 

You have access to this program until the PMP exam content changes (January 2021).

You only pay $299 CAD for the entire program.

What next?

  • This program is currently closed for the year.

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