5 Things Project Managers do daily

Have you been wondering what project managers do on a daily basis?

In this article, I will share five (5) key responsibilities that Project Managers carry out daily. This is based on my experiences as a practicing Project Management Professional across three different countries, Nigeria, Canada and the UK.


Up to 90% of the time, the role of a project manager is communication.

Project Managers communicate on a daily basis. Communication entails organizing meetings with your team members, management team and stakeholders. These meetings could be on updating your team on the progress of your project, it could be communication with your project team to find out if they are facing any challenges with the project and it could also be a brainstorming session to collect requirements.


Who is a stakeholder and why is it important to know who they are as we discuss this second responsibility?

A stakeholder is anybody or an organization that your project can affect or can affect your project. Projects are performed, by people and for people. It means that as a Project Manager, you are working with people and you are delivering for people. Project Managers influence their stakeholders in order to get their support and buy-in. When stakeholders are resistant to your project it can affect the success of the project. Thus, it is important to influence them to support your project. Project Managers also have to influence their project team to get work done, this is done by motivating and helping them through challenges that make it hard to accomplish their goals.


Project Managers lead their teams to see the big picture of the project. They lead their team to complete the work that needs to be done in order to have a successful project. They also lead their team and develop their team to become high-performing team members. PMs understand that a well-equipped team enables better performance which leads to better results. 


Project Managers keep track of the projects, they monitor the progress to ensure that daily goals are met. It is the job of a Project Manager to ensure that project timelines and milestones are being met. They ensure that plans are going accordingly by keeping track of the project on a daily basis. They are able to spot if there are issues with the project meeting the set timelines and targets.


Issues always arise in projects because things do not always go as planned. As a Project Manager, you must be proactive in solving problems, so that they do not extend the timeline of the project or cut short your project. You are constantly solving problems. 

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