Hi, my name is Ogaga Johnson.

I help aspiring and established PM professionals start and advance a career in Project Management.

Whether you’re a newbie; starting or transitioning to Project Management or you’re an established PM, advancing your PM career, this is the place to make your next big move and (or) land your dream job

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While your friends are planning their next holiday, you’re thinking about your empty bank account

You don’t look forward to Mondays because of the survival job you have. You know you deserve better

While your friends are celebrating new jobs and promotions, you’re receiving rejections left, right, and center

You can change the narrative, you have the power to change this! Yes, you can.

You can be there struggling your way through OR
You can be like my students who have doubled their income and moved three levels ahead in their career


Design a dream career in Project Management

I’m Here to Help YOU!​

Demand for project managers is growing faster than demand for workers in other occupations. According to a recent PMI report, “In the next 10 years, it’s projected that by 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles.”

Some job types are specific to a handful of industries. For example, there are not a lot of physicians working at SaaS companies … nor are there many (or any, for that matter) construction workers working in the ER.

However, when it comes to PROJECT MANAGEMENT, you can pretty much pick your industry: construction, architecture, software, software development, health care, law, finance, energy, and so on.














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Meet PM Leader & Coach; Ogaga Johnson

I’m a global project management professional, coach, consultant, and speaker.

I help aspiring and established professionals launch and grow successful careers in Project Management.

The idea of project management never occurred to me while growing, because of the career uncertainty surrounding people who never studied professional courses such as doctors, engineers, and lawyers.

When I transitioned to project management from engineering, it was the perfect fit.

Now, I educate students and professionals about Project Management, help them launch and grow a career in Project Management, and help organizations deliver results by launching their ideas or strategy.

Through my programs, I have educated and helped 5000+ professionals across 5 continents gain clarity, launch, and advance their careers in Project Management globally.

Are you an immigrant professional who refuses to settle for survival jobs and would love to have a thriving Project Management career in your new country?

I got into Project Management despite my background in Engineering and no Project Management experience, now I have a thriving PM career; I have worked in 5 industries across Nigeria, Europe, and North America. I share how you can achieve this too in my PM community.